Making a complaint If child is in care and you are unhappy with their treatm

January 1, 2007 7:21am CST
Minor problems or issues Not all problems that arise on a day to day basis should automatically be grounds for making a complaint. If a minor problem exists, the best thing to do is draw it to the attention of the social worker for your child or their manager. Many minor problems can be resolved promptly to everybody's satisfaction. They do not necessarily need to go through the complaints procedure. Major problems and issues Social Services have particular responsibilities to children in care, including: * where children are living away from home, the local authority is expected to ensure that an appropriate standard of care is being provided * making sure only suitable people are employed to look after your child * providing proper training and support to staff and foster carers * listening to your child’s views and your views about care arrangements and thinking carefully about their individual needs, taking their religion, race, culture and background into account * making sure your child has someone independent to talk to and knows who to complain to if necessary
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