Was saddam's trial fair ? (RESPONSE IMPORTANT)

@xxabhix (321)
January 1, 2007 7:42am CST
Saddam Hussein executed also can be considered to be murdered by the americans. He was taken away from his homw land and was made to undergo trial in the american court in which wat ever may be the judgememt he must face death penality. Do u think his trial was fair when 3 of his lawyers were murdered. the matter of saddam husein should have been rightfully handed over to the international court of jusitce.... the americans murdered him and also in the presence of his enemys. When saddam was to be hanged he told the people that he dint want a mask on. at the time when he was about to be hanged and when the trap door was about to be opeed he was taunted by the shia muslims. saddam smiled and shoot back --- "Is this what u call manhood?". a man being taunted at the time when he is about to be hanged (do u need an better example of barbarism). a onlooker even after pleas from another witness shouted "Go to hell" and to this saddam replied "The hell that is iraq". the video showed saddam perfectly calm. the hanging is a part of bush's plan to escalate the war. the execution of saddam husein is a clear sighn that the bush administration is not trying to negotiat a way for the us to leave iraq but is instead sending a signal that it will continue the war and escalte it even after impending disasters. saddam husein was not given capital punishment but he died bravely. after the execution of saddam by such an unfair trial the americans have only brought more havoc on themselves. if my blood boils sitting in a country so far away. think of wat will be the sate of those childeren who has lost his family in iraq. their aim in lofe will be to destroy the americans. No man has the power to live with continues hatred from the people around him.
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