how many of u have the belief that we will be lead to God after we die?

@swasti (1157)
January 1, 2007 8:22am CST
recently i read a book" physic voyages" and in that book many people who have had near death experiences have told tath they were lead to a place through a narrow passge to a really bright light which theyh have assumed to be God. this was not an experience of only 1 or 2 but of many people in different places and from different ages. so it is believed that we will be lead to god after death and he wil decide our fate after that
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@sagirji (48)
• Pakistan
1 Jan 07
hi..religion has always created dere is no way 2 god as all da ways passes through bloodshed...n if dere is a god ,he hates all human beings.
@swasti (1157)
• India
1 Jan 07
so u mean to say ther is bi GOD.then how do u think all this universe was formed???