Top money saving tips for the new year

January 1, 2007 9:24am CST
What single tip would you want to share with others as a good idea to save money this New Year? I'm going to be careful to turn out lights behind me to save electricity
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@rhinoboy (2129)
15 Jan 07
I found that i saved fortunes by simply waiting. By resisting those impulse purchases, I gave myself the time to think "Do I really want it so badly?" and "Is it worth that much money?" I often found that something I simply 'must have' tends to turn into something I don't really care about the next week. The more expensive an item, the longer I would wait. The only times I wouldn't apply this is when an item is absolutely neccesary or drastically reduced in a sale (but I'd still wait until the end of the sale!)
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• France
16 Jan 07
Thats a very good thing to be doing, I try to walk away from things I want and go back the next day if I really want it, it does save a fortune doesnt it
20 Jan 07
I would advise people to take their own sandwiches to work. Many of my friends buy sandwiches each day and spend around £2.00 per day, that's £10.00 per week, £40.00 per month and £520.00 per year. Why waste that money when you could make your own for a fraction of the price, and, as someone pointed out to me earlier, at least you'll have a better idea of what your eating.
@villageanne (8554)
• United States
17 Jan 07
Stay our of the stores. Have you ever noticed that when you run to the market, you always buy more than you went for. If you can stay out of the stores, you will save money. Usually, you can do without that one item anyway, just adjust your recipe or prepare something else. On Christmas Day, we decided to not go to any stores, except the gas station for gas. We did not rush out and fill our cabinets before we did this. Today is the 16th of Jan and we have not been in any stores at all. We have been usign only food htat is already in our cabinets. I ran out of blue thread on my sewing machine and substiuted black. It did not make any difference in the sewing of my quilt pieces together. We have saved so much.
@runsgame (2034)
• India
15 Jan 07
good topic to discuss. many things and many resolutuon swe can take up happy and important thing is electric bill me , decided to stop the new purchases. let the old cloths totally worn out ,. then i will go for new one this is a reduction of major expenses to all
• Australia
15 Jan 07
I'm working my way though the new school book list. We are starting by seeing what we can recycl from last year. A friend is giving me a heap of things she has excess of. I am not to proud to accept items off friends if they offer them to me.