Does reiki invovlve any magic ?

January 1, 2007 11:50am CST
I have a friend who is a reiki master ( or grandmaster ) who attuned me to reiki alongwith some others . I don't know about the others , but I myself felt nothing .But my friend insisted me that I had been attuned without my awareness . According to him some people does not feel the difference even after being successfully attuned . A number of times I was exposed to his healing or something like that when I suffered some pain . Then also I failed to feel any improvement . But I did not ask him about all these . I did not want to hurt him . He claims to have done many good healing on many people . I thought I might be a bad receptor of reiki power . But I want to be clear about why have I failed to feel the reiki power ? Or is it a false thing at all ?
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