ALL Americans please respond.......(regarding september 11 attacks)

september 11 attacks on pentagon - september 11 attacks on pentagon....
January 1, 2007 12:02pm CST
DO U know about the conspiracy theory regarding the September 11 attacks....I have seen a video in which serious questions have been asked regarding the actuall reasons and culprits behind the attacks....questions have been asked about the actual people behind the scene...please tell whats your opinion.......
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24 Jan 07
I'm from the UK and I will still respond to this, when ever there is a disaster, a massacre or something beyond human comprehension occurs people by nature have to find a reason why! Its not good enough to blanket it and say its terrorists, we are naturally curious, we naturally look at every nuance of evidence and try to work it out for ourselve. Has to be a conspiracy. We put 2 + 2 together and turn up with 40. I think conspiratorial theories keep us sane, in the wake of disaster because we then have idea's that make the massacre more acceptable. Its like eating something awful, eat it in minute quantities and it doesn't taste so bad. When bad news hits hard we ask questions. I think we went through the grieving process on a mass scale. Denial = thought it was a Hollywood Movie Anger = blame someone other than the invisible face of the terrorists, and look for many things to blame and ask lots of questions. Grief = agony, pain, tears and more questions Acceptance = I doubt we will ever really accept this, how can we, it was human beings that where wiped out in minutes by evil.