# 15 For Yorkie owners only

United States
January 1, 2007 12:16pm CST
Please tell me your Yorkie's name. Also, what it is that you love best about him/her. I will read and rate each response. Thank you in advance.
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@stateroad (730)
• United States
7 Mar 07
I am not a Yorkie owner but my friend is and I love her dog. Her Yorkie's name is PUTT PUTT. I have know idea where she got that name. She is the cutest little dog and so friendly. I am thinking about getting a dog and I want to get a YORKIE. This dog seems like it would be such a wonder companion to have.
@SUMM3R (18)
• United States
10 Feb 08
My yorkies name was Cali... She passed away last year. The thing i loved most about her was that she was just an all around good and loving dog. She was always so cuddly and was just so wonderful... i miss her so much. She was also absolutely addorable.
22 Jul 07
My little terror is named FANG, when I tell everybody my dog's name they always assume that he's a Rotti, and then I correct them and tell them he's a Yorkshire Terrorist. What I love best about him is his attitude. He's all of 6 inches high and a total contending weight of 5 lbs. He's a little loveable goof ball. In my house there is no such thing as a quiet moment. He totally tries to terrify my Siamese cat. But I think she actually terrorises him. If the dog isn't chasing the cat, the cat is chasing the dog.
• United States
9 Jul 07
I have 2 yorkies. They're littermates -- Kimmie and Toby. Kimmie weighs only 4 pounds, but her brother is about 12. He just happened to be bigger than the others in his litter. They're 8 years old now, and I have to say they just get to be cuter and more fun all the time. Kimmie is a perpetual motion machine, never gets tired, just goes goes goes. I take her on my hikes with me, about 5 miles a day (of which she probably covers 10 miles for my 5, because she is always running back and forth). The route we take has a number of creeks and ponds, and she loves to get in the water. Toby is a cuddlebum! He loves to just snuggle with his people. He looks and acts like a teddy bear. When we got these dogs, the breeder touted his larger size as a plus for our ranch lifestyle -- said he would be jumping in the pickup and working the ranch with us. Nope. He would prefer to just stay on a velvet cushion all day. :)
• United States
9 Apr 07
My lil Yorkies name is HARLEY!! I love that she sleeps with us every night, she starts out at the end of the bed and ends up snuggling with me on my pillow. She also wakes me up with kisses every morning!!