My friend in depression

January 1, 2007 12:41pm CST
My friend has recently seen a groom for marriage. she said ok the boy said ok. their parents also fixed the engagement in jan07. But all of a sudden the whole thing got cancelled yesterday. I talked to her, she is depressing hardly I will try to get her out of the depression. But what about the next year this will be haunting her for the rest of her life b'acuse it happenned on the 31st the year. What to do
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• Singapore
1 Jan 07
it's normal to be devastated to received such a new on a new year's eve...why was it cancelled? whatever it is, i'm sure it's with some there for her to lend her a shoulder to cry on and just to know that you care.give her some time to heal and ask her to move's ok to fall, but remember to be able to stand back up again...afterall, i think she deserve someone much much better...