The Truth About Making Money Online

@lumesh (18)
January 1, 2007 12:42pm CST
hi, i started this thread to share my experience in the high yield field over the past year. Since september 2005 i started to look for opportunities how and where to invest money over the internet. And i came across with hyips of course...aka high yield investment programs. And i was very excited to find some programs and read good things about them and what the programs admin said and so on. The truth was that i was blinded by all that smooth talk and that i had all my questions covered by the owner of the hyip. I just couldn't imagine that there could also be a negative side of the story. My first investment was made to and i invested 500$ . The rate was 20% a month meaning i should have received 100$ every month till...forever :) ...well as long as the program works...First month was great and i received my money...what i did ? i reinvested it...and then the great long downfall began....the admin couldn't manage his website, couldn't pay to all members and finally after millions of promises and apologizes it crashed along with my 500$ ...and that wasn't the only program i invested in....since it took so long (about half a year) to crash i had already invested in several other programs and i considered myself as a full time online time went on my experience grow but not enough...All the programs went finally down . Some of which i manage to make some dollars but mostly lost. I don't want to get deeply into this and bore you with details so i now have come to conclusion... All the promises of easy money in online investing = bullshit ... No such thing as easy money...All the money making is like a nature's law: The easier you want to make money the more risk you have to take ...that's it...and sometimes luck comes along and you make a few bucks, just like lottery :)...hyips are like gambling...1% win 99% lose...that's the fact...yes, you can learn some basics on how to invest get you chances a slight higher but nothing the end you are the one who's taking the before you trust all that crap about making thousands a day just ask yourself: why the hell they want to share this secret with you ?
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