Why is a descriptive word always about racism?

January 1, 2007 2:00pm CST
I'm going to take a page out of my blog and ask your opinion on this "phenomenon." I've noticed in real life, movies, tv and reality tv and just in general that some people are just way too sensitive to colour descriptions of someone being taken as a racial slur. I have a huge problem with these kind of people. Black, white, yellow, brown - whatever. It's just a desciption of the colour of your skin, correct? And yes, sometimes people *may* use this in a derogatory way, but a majority of the users of these kind of descriptions are simply describing what the person looked like. Example: man: What happened? boy: Some kid stole my bike! man: Oh! What did he look like? boy: Ummm.. he was really tall, black and had glasses... It would be at this point if the man were black he might take offence to this saying "what does that mean?" etc and getting all riled up. I see it all too much. Even white people... though not so much. This is just a simple example but there are many more. And it's usually only a problem if the person using the word is white, though it's not exclusive. When I use these words instead of African American or Oriental or Caucasion or South Asian or whatever, I'm not being racist, just being descriptive. I pride myself on being open-minded and not being racist, prejudiced, etc. But sometimes we all have our non-PC moments and use descriptive words. What do you think? Anyone else have experiences with this oversensitivity? Al beit,
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