Which is the Coldest Country in the world?

snow  - Snows on the High ways
@slimes (354)
January 1, 2007 4:51pm CST
People have different opinion about this but i feel that Moscow in Russia is the answer.But what about your own opinion.......
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@quarks (180)
• Ukraine
13 Jan 07
no mate ! Siberia is the coldest place i feel !!
@hinrichas (395)
• Spain
12 Jan 07
I don't know. Have a good time.
@variety (105)
• Belgium
12 Jan 07
Moscow?! No. I lived there and it has the similar climate as in Belgium. And in any case Russia is so big that you have place where the temperature varies from -50C° in Siberia to +50 as in Astrakhan(near the Caspian sea)
@cristi20 (2139)
• Romania
1 Jan 07
the coldest climate is in Antarctica as you well might know...the lowest temperatures are recorded in Russia in Siberia region: Murmansk,Noril'sk.The russian winters are the longest one in the european and asian regions where temperatures of under -35degrees celsius are frequently registered there.Have a warm day!
@satyamss (870)
• India
1 Jan 07
i don't know abt it... thnx for ur information