Who wants to start a new profitable business

January 1, 2007 5:03pm CST
hey guys...i have a new business idea for people living in America, Canada, Australia, UK, or any other developed english speaking country. i have an outsourcing and callcenter business in India and Pakistan. i work for many American, British and canadian companies who have outsourced us their work load(customer service department, outbound telesales and appointment setting). This helps companies in saving their costs alot and we also maintain their quality level at best. There are many websites and companies who provide vitual call center setup or "work at home call center" setup to people willing to work from home in America and they pay $15-$20 an hour to their call center agents working from home. This can be more profitable for them if they use their virtual call centers to hire agents in India or Pakistan. As they can bring the amount down from $15-$20 a day to $4-$10 a day. I have a network of around 45 call centers rite now with 5000 qualified, english speaking, skilled and talented agents. If any one of you is willing to get into this business without any investment and earn upto $1000 a week, please contact me, add me as a friend and leave me a message or email me at myfriend113@hotmail.com thankyou.
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