Do you believe in Jesus?

@sassy5d (118)
United States
January 1, 2007 5:59pm CST
I was raised Catholic. I did my first confession and my first communion. I went to Catholic school until 6th grade. I went to church every sunday and followed the "rules" and went to confession as I was asked to do. Every so often, when I was bored in my room, I would "have mass" with my stuffed animals.. Going to church was so much repetition that I had the entire service memorized. As I got older, I strayed from religion. I began to question it in every aspect. As I am 26 now.. the place that I am at right now is I have a hard time putting faith in the entire idea. I mean, I guess it's not hard for me to believe that Jesus existed.. there are a lot of people who existed way back when and we know/learn about.. but after that I'm pretty much in disbelief. So I have to ask my fellow "mylot'ers" for a thought provoking chit-chat.. Do you believe in Jesus?
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2 Jan 07
Have you read the da vinci code. Although it doesn't question the existence of Jesus it questions the foundations of catholicism. It looks at what was the truth about Jesus' life. A lot of its based on conjectuire and myth but then isn't the catholic religion? I too was raised a catholic but started to question the idea a long time ago. I believe he existed but who he was is a different question.