Ayatoldyah Khomengetsom issues orders to kill the US President!

@andygogo (1580)
January 1, 2007 10:09pm CST
CC-Bao Exclusive: Today in a Middle Eastern and Islamic Country, a religious leader has decreed that followers of the religion of record in that country and other countries that follow the same religious cult, do all they can to kill George Bush and anyone related to, or associated with, the Bush Regime. In an internationally televised address, the Ayatoldyah stated that "Every righteous follower must take it as their responsibility to kill any member of the Bush Regime or the Bush family!" This was followed with promises of many more virgins and wealth in heaven than normal if it was the President of the USA they killed - fewer virgins but still more than usual if the one killed was another member of the Bush Regime inner circle or family. In reaction, members of the Bush Regime demanded that the government of the country wherein the Ayatoldyah is a charter member of the group that put the government in power, immediately denounce the statement of the Ayatoldyah. The government of that country said "The Ayatoldyah Khomengetsom is a private citizen and even though we get a lot of money from him he has a right under our laws to say what he wishes." Denying any culpability in the new "Fatwah" the government of the country of mention said "We have no control over our private citizens and they are free to say and do what they wish - no matter what country it is in which they currently reside." Further updates will be posted should the Fatwah show success.
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