tupac shakur - rap GOD

January 1, 2007 10:36pm CST
the man was a musical genious. was born in a extremely poor family but his musical talents improved his economic condition drastically. he got his 1st record deal at the age of 13. he died at the young age of 25 on 13th september 1996. he was shot 5 times and died due to cardio vascular and respiratory failure. he was shoot before also 1994 but survied. the man lived life on his own terms and he didn't fear anything but GOD. he is known has the best rapper that ever lived. even after his death he old songs are being re-realesed and he fame has only grown with time. his mother aferni shakur has made more money on tupac's name after his death than tupac made living. he mostly spent his time in the recording studio making songs, consuming marijuana and drinking henessessy. he has given me the 3 most inspiring words that i have ever come across - LIFE GOES ON!
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