What can you say about the new characters?

January 1, 2007 11:07pm CST
Vaaan, the main character differs nothing from the past FF characters except for he is a street child
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• Philippines
3 Jan 07
Vaan, is 17 years old right? And also is Squall from final fantasy 8. But you know, if you compare them both, it looks like Squall is older and maybe 20 years old. But vaan looks like 15.
• Philippines
3 Jan 07
They difer also in attitude and thinking,squall is more mature. Vaan is always aaggressive in making decisions. If you are to choose between the two who is more you like?
@tidus1305 (176)
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
In my opinion, Vaan can be compared to Zidane from Fina Fantasy IX. A theif. The first skill that can be use was steal. Lives in a era where knights dominate. The character's attire, still lookes like from Final Fantasy 9 and saving his girl.
• United States
6 Jan 07
i like the new characters but they kinda remind me of ffX and X-2
@madgirl (210)
• India
3 Jan 07
Well Zidane from ff9 was *also* a street child, so to speak, so I guess that's not the real unique point. However, I guess Vaan differs in that he's a little less hero like than most FF main characters are made to be.. that is, its like all the characters have been given importance.. so far at least. I used to feel Auron was given too little importance in the FF10 game for example (or is it just a fangirl response? :P) so I like the idea that all the characters are equal players (pun unintended) in the game.
• Pakistan
3 Jan 07
I like Basch very much, He looks the Most matured in all of the characters