Have you ever wanted to become another or an other living object?

@coldmoon (1092)
January 2, 2007 12:42am CST
Sometime I feel bored of my being, of my too simple life, and I wish I were a little bird. I could be shot, but I would never regret because of the free time of flying in the sky. What about you?
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• Canada
10 Jan 07
Excellent topic choice! This may seem...um....strange but I am actually planning on living untill I am at least 135 so I can figure out a way through thought, technology or medicine....to live forever! so what does this have to do with becomming some other "thing"?....at 135 or so(depends how much fun I'm still have'n on earth here!)....I want to BURST into pure human conciousness...I WANT TO BECOME LIGHT/ENERGY!..(but with human consious and memories and stuff like that!) that'd be awsome! peace Dissposition
• France
7 Jan 07
I see your wish is very lovely but I think that when you became a bird, you would also feel bored with your new life. And then you would wish to become again a human. I have never wanted to become another or an other thing. Sometimes I feel bored like you. At these moments, I do anything I like (I read, I go out, I eat, I sleep, I dream...) or do nothing ;-D Best wishes