The "Ball" is in the European Union and China court now!

@andygogo (1580)
January 2, 2007 12:56am CST
The "Ball" is in the European Union and China court now! (1) America needs to withdraw from Iraq. (the daily fatality and injury toll is having negative reaction in America) (2) Saudi Arabian-GCC Arabs have a "issed off at American Hegemony" Public Opinion. Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, British Club, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Italy needs to do more to "ASSURE" the Royalty-Prince soldier regimes. New "eyeball games" needed. Malaysia show the way - it created some rather "odd news recently"....for example (a) "Out of the blue" story about what looks like "leaf" and "sea shells" being Koran verses; (b) "funny story" of a shoe sole that has "Allah inscription", (c) rather hillarious - "but it is serious with Moslems" of "halal" slaughter of cattle in Australia! Then we had other FUNNIES (d) a Sky Kingdom religion is Terengganu where a TEAPOT, UMBRELLA and VASE was the "symbol of a new religion". (3) Time for "Joint Action" by the European Union - lead by France and the New Middle Kingdom -lead by China to "Support and protect" the Socialist-Militarist Baathist group in the Lebanon-Syria-Iraq corridor. The Persians would probably "breath" a little better without the "Zionist American Agenda". The 3 factions in Iraq needs to be "BEFRIENDED", ie. the Remnants of the SUNNI Baathist, Sunni Kurds, and the Iraqi Shiites. In addition, Syria needs to be supported by China, France and Russia - President Assad is being surrounded. (4) Lebanon needs to be FREED from TERRORISM. Israel needs to be ENCIRCLED by PALESTINIAN CITIES, and a DESERT BUFFER with traps Neutralized Israel, Keep Lebanon free... cheerios!
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