how can I come to know that my site is genuine or not?

January 2, 2007 1:51am CST
Can you help me about the identify the site which are genuine & which are scam? Have you heared the name of Is it genuine or not?
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@swarn47 (1706)
• India
2 Jan 07
I have experienced that many people sign up blindly on the net. They are in a hurry to make huge money overnight. They want to become rich very soon. In their hastiness they ignore to check the authenticity of the website. They ignore to check whether the websites promises are false or true. I dont say all the websites are bad. They may be good. Only time will tell. For all of my friends, and all the participants. I list herebelow certain check points before signing up any website which promises to pay u. First of all join This website keeps on informing to its users about the scam websites. Thus they will have updated information always with them about scam websites. Secondly, Visit the website regularly. This website tells about the genuine paying websites and many other things about those websites. Thirdly, Please check whether the website has given its contact address with proper location and telephone numbers. Ninty nine percent of the websites which proved to be big scam did not provide this. Doing business only on email ID, does not sound good even. There is only one percent chance of genuiness of the website if it does not provide address, phone number, fax number and other necessary details. Fourthly, try to read the report of the Better Business Bureau before signing up any website which promises to pay. Most of the scam busters claim that they have clean record with BBB. It does not mean that they are true or false. It may mean that BBB might not have prepared report on that website. BBB prepares the report on any website whenever they are requested to for it also. So my dear friends, please take care of the above things while signing up with any such website which promises to pay. Dont make haste and dont take decisions blindly. I hope it helps the participants here.