Celebrate New Year With A Bang

January 2, 2007 1:52am CST
Each has hi/her own way of celebrating the coming of new year. Like mine, I celebrated it at home with my family. I guess it also depends on the culture that I grew up with. Filipinos for instance would prefer celebrating the new year with their families because it is a time when the whole family can get together, some make this their reunion. When I had a conversation with my friends at the coffee shop, they said they celebrated thier new year outside with their friends. They party all night and watch a fireworks exhibit outside. Aside from celebrating this event we also have a list of things that we need to change for ourselves and things we need to achieve. For you, what are the things you want to change to yourselves? and the things you need to achieve? Mine is so simple, I need to come to work early now and I want to have my own pad this year;)
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