Discipline in Residential Schools

January 2, 2007 2:07am CST
I am connected with a Residential Public School as its Headmaster. One delima I had been facing right from the day I took over charge of my duties had been the quantum of discipline required to be imposed on my students. I have children in the School from the age group of 08 years to 18 years. I personnaly feel that any boy above the age of 15 years is able to understand the complexities of life and is quite capable of looking after his own interests. But my observation on ground is different. Boys of this age are hardly concious either about their future or about their responsibilities towards their juniors. They have created an atmosphere of terron amongst the junior boys. Juniors are periodically punished for no apperent reasons whatsoever. Initially I had been very strict with them but now I believe more in persuading to mend their ways. This however doesnot seem to have much impact on them. What in your opinion is the solution to this problem. Is corporal punishment an option here. Do I feel myself relieved by throwing them out of the School? In that case am I not shurking my responsibility.
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