Would you cheat if...

January 2, 2007 2:35am CST
Would you cheat if given the perfect opportunity with no chance of being caught?
4 responses
@xkaraix (596)
• Australia
2 Jan 07
Never. Assuming you're talking about cheating on a partner. I'm sure everyone would have a chance of getting away with it and not getting caught but I never would. I don't see the point of being with someone if I'm going to sleep with other people anyway. And I'd expect the same in return. If my boyfriend were to cheat on me I'd prefer he broke up with me...
@shorva (923)
• Philippines
2 Jan 07
no bec i myself don't wanna be cheated on.
@maryannemax (12173)
• Sweden
2 Jan 07
nope. never. my ex boyfriend cheated on me many times for 8 years. and it wasn't fun at all. i ended up being hurt all the time. and i will never cheat on my boyfriend now. he loves me too much and i don't want to ever hurt his feelings.
@tigrashadow (1088)
• Australia
2 Jan 07
no i wouldnt cheat even if i knew id get away with it...i would have to live with the fact id done so. also you didnt specify...cheating on a partner or cheating on a test etc... i assume on a partner... if i felt the need to cheat then there is something missing in my relationship and would either have to work on it with my partner or leave the relationship...in my opinion anyway...when im with someone...i give my all and expect the same in return...and dont go off finding a bit on the side