Ever been arrested?

January 2, 2007 2:51am CST
Me never. Have you ever been arrested indeed instead? If yes tell me what happened during that experience please.
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• Canada
2 Jan 07
I was wrongfully arrested many years ago but the most ignorant cops in the world. They arrested my boyfriend at that time(who was the one to blame in this), and threatened to throw him out the window, called him dirty names, and insulted me. The jerk of a cop manhandled me(I was 120lbs at the time), and was very rough. I spent all night in the division cells until I went to the courthouse. My then boyfriend pleaded to all the charges and had any charges against me dropped. That cop hated me after that night. That was a horrible experience, but I've learned not to deal with men who backstab their girlfriends. My ex-boyfriend has since left the province and I have nothing to do with him. He knows it was all his fault that I spent a horrible night in jail.
@simpleatif (2508)
• China
2 Jan 07
me never arrested in my life
• United States
2 Jan 07
I once ran a police road block w/o knowing it... they did not have there lights on or any barriers they had another car pulled to the side of the road, I thought they had pulled them over, well once they started chasing me I pulled over,(unluckily they were state men or i coulda made the county line and been home) they pulled me out of the car and slammed me agianst the car and cuff me!! my daughter was in the back seat I was very upset at what she had saw, It was not nessesary(btw im Caucasion), all the charges were droped...
@shi_2000_21 (2681)
• India
2 Jan 07
I would not tell the finest momeents of my life.