Serial Killer caught in India

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@isha123 (104)
January 2, 2007 3:47am CST
An event in India has stunned everybody whosoever come to know about it. A man killed more than 30 kids just to satisfy his lust and for some money. that shows about todays man who can go upto any limit for his own means. that is really a case of brutallity which come into picture. Nobody knows in which direction we all are moving
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• India
2 Jan 07
The crime committed by that man is the worse thing anyone on earth can do.But one thing that am not able to understand is how could the parents of so many kids remain quiet for so long...why is it that no action was taken at that time when the kids had started missing.He should also b made to undergone the same pain which the kids had to go through..he should suffer as well.