How much can I earn from myLot a day?

January 2, 2007 3:59am CST
I am new and I would like to know if I can make $10 a day here?
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• Malaysia
2 Jan 07
i dont think so..
• Australia
2 Jan 07
• India
27 Jan 07
not impossible thou' but extremely difficult provided, you can make 500 posts in a single day - SOUNDS nuts i know but as far as I gotta knw this... I feel so this is how, you can and If you have figured sumthin' out then do share... ...cos. 2gether V Can nd 2gether V Shall... hlp eachother in reachin' d place, we wanna...CHEERS!!!
@bacedone (433)
• Italy
2 Jan 07
very hard friend...
• Australia
2 Jan 07
how many posts I have to make?
@hitesh70 (68)
• India
12 Apr 09
look,It is very hard to make this money but is you wabt to earn some serious money then first log out of my lot.Becouse if you wriye 3 or 4 hours a day mylot will pay you panny.So if you want to earn some serious money then try something else like dataentry or form filling job.I am doing data entry job in and i found this site very good.i have benn doing data entry job since last six month and i got 13 time pyout.They always provide work and customer support.Work is cery easy you are just to type from image.even you mom can do ask for some fees at initial stage but you can earn that money in one and to days.I earn $79 last i worked for 4 hours.So it is very good site for good money.Just do it and you will say me thanks.
• Singapore
8 May 08
I do not even think it's possible.really. Judging from what i see below, i think you should try elsewhere. This place is really for making friends only.
• Pakistan
16 Apr 08
There is no limit for earnings. They pay you for your work. So more work you will do then more money they will pay you. It is not too hard to make money here on mylot. Some people will tell you it is impossible to make money here or ver hard etc. But i am doing it myself and i have very good experience here on my lot. This is only my first week and i did not give attend to those people who say you cannot earn money here. I am just doing my work and i try to post as many as responses as i can. Whenever i have some free time then i post some responses. And believe me i am making good amount here. And it is increasing day by day. Because i am lerning more and more and doing very well. So just try to post quality and lengthy posts and try to upload photo daily. And you will see reasults. I know many people here who are making 2 or 3$ per day. Thanks
• China
28 Dec 07
i think it is impossible.if so ,you must response at least 1000 discusses or more than 2000 because not every response could get 0.01$.its according the quility of your response.everyones aim here are not to earn money but make friends and learn english.
28 Dec 07
Its very hard i get only few cents by working 1 hour in mylot a day