discrimation between boy and girl stiil alive at some places of world

@isha123 (104)
January 2, 2007 4:06am CST
we all say boys and girls are equal They have equal rights . but till date why don't we find women in front as men do? The reality is still people discrimate between a girl and a boy. That is not only in developing countries even in developed countries we can find it. Friends what do you all think about it? do u also believe in this?
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• United Arab Emirates
2 Jan 07
yes ur rite discrimation between boy and girl stiil alive in many parts of the world which should be stoped!!!
• India
2 Jan 07
hey dear there is discrimination, but one thing god has created boys and girls for some purpose, there should be some basics in that please think about it , few days back a survey on a newpaper had shown divorce rate in india increased by 15% the reason of many guys were due to misunderstanding, not finding time to spend with each other, now all girls or boys want to earn so much everybody want to go to job so that they have lost their happiness, then whats the use of earning it is my point of view plaese dont take it to heart.for every boy there is a girl but the thing is that if we are together nobody can break us if we are seperate everybody will break us. i think old indian culture was far better tahn present were afterall our elders where happy married.
• United States
2 Jan 07
I'm in America and gender discrimination happens all the time. Personally, I'm discriminated at work for being a female. I work, actually, harder than most the guys in my department and I am the only female in that department. They receive pay raises, I don't. They receive compliments on their work, I don't. This is simply because my boss believes a female cannot do that certain job that I do as well as a male can. I'm only putting up with it a couple of more months and then I'm out of there. If I could afford to leave now, I would.
@missjackie (1328)
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2 Jan 07
Yes, there is still discrimination between the two sexes. I'll give you an example. My parents favored my brother over me. They spoiled him rotten, and yet I've gotten barely anything. Why? Because they thought he would make more for himself. I struggled to even keep my head above water.