living your dream, key number 1 PATIENT

January 2, 2007 7:37am CST
pls read this , As children we were taught to take our time.dont run so fast, or u will fall, dont rush ur food or u will choke.Dont rush to do adult things, enjoy childhood because it goes by so fast. As adult we are taugth thuogh life that faster is better. be faster and better at doing your work, you get raise.hurry up or u will miss the bus. Patient takes time we have to go back the time when these things dont aggrivate us so. so i came up to help me regain my childhood patient. *I bring a book with me were ever i go and expect a line or wait. *I carry a note book and pen with me to write *I leave a little earlier in the morning so i dont have to rush or run for the train. *i leave a little later from work or church so i dont feel the need to rush with the crowd on the wayhome. *I call ahead and confrim my appointment and wait times before going to them. This way i dont get mad and know what to expect, I belive with this and more to come u can start this year a new person, getting closer to your dream.
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@kris55 (853)
• Canada
2 Jan 07
your absolutely right!! they say patience is a virtue!!
• United States
2 Jan 07
I believe that everything in your discussion is true. When you go rushing through life you miss some good times. I hate feeling rushed. I immediately get nervous and feel flustered. If people reach their goals faster than me, it's O.K., I know I will eventually get there-I just took a more enjoyable route for me. I don't wait till the last minute for things and I try each day to accomplish at least small projects. Life is a learning process and we get better each and every day.