Career - Internships

United States
January 2, 2007 8:32am CST
I am an international college student in NY and I just completed my first semester of my sophomore year (49 credit hours in total ), my major being computer engineering. The thing that I really want to do is to get an internships this summer to gain some firat hand experience but I am really shaky on this aspect. Aight, things that are bothering me - should I be looking for the internship at all? I mean , is it feasible for a student like me to look for a no-crap straight up job in the real world. I just wrote down a resume the other day and I found out that i did know quite a few things like C++, Java , UNIX , SQL and HTML. But are they enough? Another thing that is nagging me is that what exactly is expected from interns. Are we expected to know everything that our job specifications need us to know or will we be given extra training? Well, ne comments or replies are welcome.
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