Is it safe to use your Credit Card online ?

January 2, 2007 10:51am CST
i recently lost a load of money after i used my card online and im just a little weary about using it again.
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@unknownname (1083)
• Malaysia
2 Jan 07
if ur want use credit card online ... plz use for paying bill in secure site and if ur want buy something use paypal using card crdit or just pay site ur trust only ... then yes ..look at httpS site only to pay ... then alert for keylogger virus or spyware ...they can get ur no/password/keyword or anything when ur don't alert that... then plz use keyboard monitor to key in password or card number or swift number . ..
• Malaysia
2 Jan 07
opps ...i using credit for online payment 3 years for now ... nothing loose so far ..just remember just pay for ur bill secure site ...then trusted site ...if other site plz don't use credit card ..use debit card ..:D
@swasti (1157)
• India
2 Jan 07
well even i haev had this doubt.well i have got advises not to give my credit card number if asked in internet.especially i have heard that we may get emails from a person that we have got gift cash and will be asked of our credit card numbers..these people do it and ultimately cheat the concerned person.
@manase79 (118)
• Romania
2 Jan 07
It's safe only on verified and secured sites. These ones have an "s" in the begining line "HTTPS". They have encrypted transactions. And beware, never give anybody your PIN code !!!
• Netherlands
2 Jan 07
Watch out and look if the site is official not like a beginner site . search if you can find out if it has much customers etc and i would trust it
@ride54toi (406)
• Philippines
2 Jan 07
So at least you've learned your lesson. Be skeptical next time