Smelly Feet!!

January 2, 2007 12:47pm CST
Anyone here who has a smelly feet?.. (raises hand) ME! hehehe.. I have smelly feet.. I'm not proud of having a smelly feet but i'm not ashamed either.. This is my gift.. An asset given to me by God!.. :D but.. but most of the time, I feel that this is a curse.. coz many of my friends and family tease me.. My feet are sweaty and I always wear sandals.. maybe this is the cause of my smelly feet.. I've tried many products to help my feet regain it's normal smell but nothing helps me.. I think nothing can help me.. Is there anyone here who has/had smelly feet?.. Speak up.. Let the world know of your gift.. Let this be a stepping stone for us,Smelly Feet Owners, to have a place in this cruel world..
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