@anabaik (206)
January 2, 2007 1:20pm CST
So i was hanging out w/ my brother, watching him play some mario bros game on the gamecube while i played mario 64 on the DS, (yes, we are dorks and it is delightful) and he says 'hey, check this out...' he's riding a turtle shell over some water into the endless horizon, when suddenly, he hits an imaginary wall. we bust out laughing. j- it's like a bird flying into a window d- yeah....have you ever seen one fly into a mirror? j- hahaha, no?! what, does it think it's playing chicken? d- hahaha, i don't know, maybe. j- what if a chicken does it... d- but chickens can't fly-- -- flashback to a 6 year old me spending a summer in DR (that's the dominican republic, for those "in the know"). my family owned farm animals, but i wouldn't quite call it a farm. anyway, i used to chase the ducklings around and try to catch them in a box, but they always managed to get away. finally, my grandmother felt bad for me and gave me my own chickadee, as a pet. i loved it. one fateful afternoon, i decided this chicky was old enough for freedom. ::sigh:: so i grabbed it by it's little chicky wings and threw it high up into the air, fully expecting it to fly, btw. as you can imagine, it did in fact not. i learned the hard way. the end.
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