what do you look when you meet somene new?

January 2, 2007 1:33pm CST
everyone of us had encounter a new ppl everyday and will meet someone new.maybe we are not aware that we are actually subconsciously judge someone especially one who you dont know or just met.so tell me what is your common judgement when meeting someone new or maybe you can tell me your story.
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• Romania
2 Jan 07
everyday i meet someone new.When i go to faculty i must go with the train every week so i meet a lot of people.I'm a verry communicative person so i licke to discuse a lot with people, i licke to know them and to find out their opinion.There was tiome when i macke good impresion on them but there was time when i made bad impresion.That depend on what we talcked about and that depend on person to person.
• Ireland
3 Jan 07
ive been experienced many times when my first impression were wrong about certain ppl like in my secondary school i used to underestimate this one fella whose appearance like a nerdy one and automatically i thought this guy love books and computer.one day he joined us to play soccer and everybody thought he made a joke or to proof something but to my surprise he is very skillful and i felt little bit ashamed of myself coz the nerdy is more skillful than i'm.what a life!