Does Semite Arabs want to "be really free"?

@andygogo (1580)
January 2, 2007 1:36pm CST
My advice to Semite Arabs would be (1) Terminate the "eyeball catching" Palestinian/Israel problem. Spend a fraction of the money used in the military to build up the Palestinian infrastructure and economy. First build commerical centres and cities that "surround" the Israel state. Develop water resources, intensive farming, with homestead structure that prevents a fast infantry movements from Israel. Develop assembly industries, consumer product industries, get Chinese, Indian, European investments to produce goods needed by the Semite Arab community. (2) Reduce military budget and increase infrastructure developmental project. In fact buy weapons from Russian, India, Singapore and China if you so need to limit the military expenditure. (3) Expand the expertise on Arabs to develop the oil resource, crude oil based industries. (4) Avoid being "inflamed" when Israel, Zionist will inflame passions by doing obscene incidents on Moslem religious symbols in Jurusalem. Take you time and use Palestinians, Christians, Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christian to come into conclusion of a "INTERNATIONAL CITY" to recover sovereignity of the so called "holy land". Afterall, if you consider those land "holy", don't desecrate the place with "bloodshed"! cheerios!
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