Uzbekistani chaos

@andygogo (1580)
January 2, 2007 1:54pm CST
Uzbekistani chaos From the BBC: "Uzbek officials put toll at 169 Uzbekistan's chief prosecutor has said 169 people died in clashes in the town of Andijan last week, but he denied security forces had killed civilians. An Uzbek military source has however told the BBC that the true death toll is more than 500, with many more injured. He spoke of a "massacre". Some Uzbeks believe bodies are being released slowly to keep the death toll in doubt, a BBC correspondent reports. The US and UK have condemned the violence and urged political reform. Moscow has reacted officially for the first time to the events in Andijan, echoing Uzbek President Islam Karimov's assertion that Islamic militants were to blame for the violence. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov acknowledged that "a great many completely innocent people" had died in Andijan and he expressed "profound regret". Troops moved into Andijan on Friday soon after protesters stormed the town's prison and freed 23 suspected Islamic extremists, who then joined a public rally in the centre. The town has been under curfew since the weekend." ---- I'm surprised that no one's said anything about the turmoil in Uzbekistan. There might be yet another revolution in central Asia - and this one would be a lot bloodier than what happened in Kyrgyzstan. What are your reactions to the shootings? Will order be restored? Can the international community do anything to calm the situation down?
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