Is the European Union needed?

January 2, 2007 2:28pm CST
Here in Europe are almost suffocating with ideals and goals of the European Union..and for a country that has just joined a few days ago its hard to think what it would be like.Did this Union appeared as a envyous response to the US ..and if that is so than that leaves only the stronger countrys to profit from ou resources and we gladly give them away just for a place at they're table...for now ...Germany is the strongest nation in the Union and they played a great role in integrating us in the UE...does that seem odd from a community that says we should all be as one ? every weaker country that joined suffered an economical clash the first few years...and the EURO coin made an even greater problem. The question that i'm asking is this : Do we need UE? Do we need the stronger powers making decisions for us? because at the end we're never european..we'll always be german or english or french..
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