his new album

United States
January 2, 2007 2:49pm CST
What do you think of Chris Daughtry's new album. I got it for Chritmas and I have to say I like it.
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@lifeis2good (1183)
• United States
2 Jan 07
Well I haven't bought his album but I sure have downloaded most of the songs from it!!! He's so talented and I so love his voice!!!! He totally rocks!!!! I think he should have won the American Idol - as most of the others didn't have as much talent as he does!!! But I definitely love his songs like It's Not Over and Over You as well as many of the others. And it was so great to hear him on New Years Eve on the TV.
• United States
3 Jan 07
We went to church on new years eve sooooooooooo i missed seeing Chris. I will hae to do a youtube search. Thanks for commenting.
• United States
25 Jan 07
I agree, I think he should have won. He is so talented. He new album is awsome!!
• United States
26 Mar 07
I think it is a great album. He certainly should have won American Idol. He obviously has alot of talent & knows what the fans want. I love all the songs on the album.
@chargoans (940)
• United States
21 Mar 07
I was given his CD for a gift. I also recevied Taylor Hickss CD. Daughtry rocks. But I am anxious to see what Daughtry does to follow up. I am sure that they will be no flash in the pan. Unfortunately I don't think the same will hold true for Taylor Hicks!
@jojopuff (520)
• United States
13 Mar 07
Oh yeah! Chris Daughtry's new album is amazing! He's got such a great voice and he's so talented. I love his songs, too! I think he should have won American Idol, but at the same time he's having all this success without having won. In a way I think that's better for him because he's not bound to the strict AI contracts they give the winners. He's more free to write his own music and stuff like that. I think he will be a huge success and I am looking forward to more from Chris!!
• China
13 Mar 07
His self titled debut album Daughtry sure rocks!!! All the songs are great.
@chadd_atl (288)
• United States
21 Feb 07
The CD is good, but Chris has gotten really cocky since his days on American Idol. It comes across in his interviews and everything and now he's quoted as saying that he doesn't like people to identify him with his show. C'mon, Chris, a year and half ago you were working at the Honda Dealership Service Department. Be glad for the people who gave you your big break.
• United States
16 Feb 07
I love it, I listen to it almost every time I am in my car, that is if my kids aren't with me.
• United States
30 Jan 07
LOVE IT!!! he really should have won!! He is great!!!
@mom2boys (334)
• United States
19 Jan 07
i love chris daughtry. i was rooting for him to win, even when my own fellow oklahoman was in the running *carrie*
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
I've heard at his site and i must say that its very "A" okay. One problem is that, it is still not available to most of the record store at my place. so sad.
• United States
13 Jan 07
I've only heard one song off of his CD. I loved it and can't wait to get it. I've been so busy, I never even realized it was out!
• Philippines
13 Jan 07
i've been listening to it and i really like it too. it's an awesome debut album. he has a great voice and he brings a unique new sound! the tracks i like include "it's not over," "used to" and "over you."
@sinerica (82)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I have to say I absolutely love his album. I watched AI everytime it was on just hopeing he was gonna win. He is a true artist who we can expect great things from!
@keedap (304)
• India
8 Jan 07
I love the album man Specially HOME and GONE are awesome songs too good
• Serbia And Montenegro
4 Jan 07
It was superrbbb!!!!!! I even am listening to it right now! Actually at first i doubted it whether or not to buy it, and then decided i'd just download from the net rather than buying the album. after listening to all the songs i thought that the album's so good i have to get the album myself. :D