I like so much to speak about Islam,my view

January 2, 2007 3:59pm CST
What wants to say Musulmans? That wants to say "attached or subjected to God".It has degrees of attachment there people excessively attached to their parents, others are it fairly and leave their relative easily, and others are completely detached because they had deep wounds with their parent. People make the same thing compared to the word of God. What difference about the Jewish religion, christians or Moslem men? There is no fundamental difference, the 10 commands prevail for the 3 religions. Sometimes to respect God and his word, to respect others at the point of never embarrased anyone .But it the human one is not perfect, then it makes reparable faults, not reparable at the time of murder in particular. It there has people in France which claim to be Moslem, but which is mécréants.Why? because they steal, they take drug and alcohol, They don't work, they strike their wife because they drank and they never read Coran, but one intended to say. There are people who cut pieces of vagin to the small girls, but however it is not admit in Islam, but they say that it is a religious act. People confuse very often practical cultural, with religious acts. In connection with veil? It is written black on white that it is the woman which must take a tissu for his head.But itself God always left the free will, if the woman does not veil herself, it is the problem with her and the God.Allah knows what we have in like thoughts and in our heart.I know women who wear the veil, make the prayer, and make black magic, make traffics and I know also Moslem women which do not wear the veil, to preserve their religion only into private at her, which makes the prayer, which respects the religion with the letter of best than she can, and which does not make of illegal and conforms to the Islam and the laws of our country. About his wives, the prophet Mohamed (saw) said : i've never hurt my wives, i do more things with her, if you want do a good way, see my action and do it. About your mother he said (saw) : If your parents tell you to come, in first go to mother's house, because the more important in your life after God, it's your mother, under her foot, there is paradise. About school God says : Scientific and savant will come to paradise About school prophet (saw) said : Learn to write,to calculate and to swim for your children, it is more important for them One day a woman said : The women is under the men because when they're in menstues, they cannot do the prayer.Prophet Mohamed (saw) said you are the best women than i known. Hurt wife isn't Islam, do the war isn't Islam.Islam is peace like Medina in Arabic at the MEcque.Do you have seen only person do problem at the Mecque? The person are older, and younger, black or white or chinese or indi, only one thing is important : prayer and peace. Poor people and rich people do the turn of the Kaaba, there like a égality people in peace, anything society they come from, think about this.Why and how is-it possible?
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