Have you ever watched someone commit suicide in front of you?

January 2, 2007 5:24pm CST
Frankly i never watched someone commit suicide at a near distance. However ive ever watched a chinese burnt himself with petrol or gasoline at approximately 500 metres distance. I was reading newspaper at 1.30 in the morning at my granma's house while a really loud shrieking and horrified scream broke the silence of the night. I opened the window and saw sth burnt. I didnt go closer anyway. But instead i was being ignorant,slept n missed the whole incident. The next morning my dad told me dat i was actually witnessing a suicide. Anyone of you ever had that experience or would like to comment?
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2 Jan 07
and if you were in that situation, would you let them continue?
2 Jan 07
of course, but to convince someone at critical situation is really hard and difficult. You must be aware that the person wont do something harmful to you. Sometime, most of us can get panicked easily when seeing something we never expect. In my situation, it was too late. If he was rescued, 99 percent of his body are burnt which is useless.