do u believe in ghosts?????????

@dihearted (2688)
January 2, 2007 6:06pm CST
well.... friends this is a topic which we cant ignore ... taking into considerance many incidents and real witnesses ... many of them believe in ghosts ... some of them have personal experiance too.... so do u believe in ghosts???????? why?
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• India
7 Jan 07
I believe in ghosts because people close to me and around me have actually experienced it! So there's no way that I can say I don't believe in them My paternal aunt was sleeping one night when she saw a brahmin like boy's face near the window one night. She just ignored it And the very next day she woke up of her sleep with one hand on her cheek in the middle of the night! Because she had felt a tight slap on her face! And after that anyone who has gone to their place and slept overnight has told that yes we did feel the presence of a supernatural thing. Then prayers and rituals of very high level were performed and then a stink of bones burning came! And the babajii who perdformed the puja said that a body of a girl had been buried without proper rituals so it was her aatma I wonder how many of you will actually believe it but I truly believe in it!