wats new year has given to you.

January 2, 2007 10:13pm CST
yeah its my time to speak...this year has a lot more give...a lot more to take....its upto u wat u leave behind and wat u gonna have in ur hands...many of them are looking to get over the past who was terrible and many of them r looking the present to be more colourful then past...all n all...eveyone is looking to sumthing new sumthing fresh..sumthing more then hav not achieved yet...with all hopes blessings..prayers...i wud like to speak on behalf of all...this is right to for everyone to make a move..this is right time to correct all the mistakes u hav made in the past n not repeat them in future..this is time u have to groom well...regardless to past watever it was....make u present more happier than ever..put ur endeavours to achieve even a impossible task..impossible is possible only by ur actions...n this is the right time...to come up with ur best out the best...this year ll give u all u desire for...only if u put ur efforts towards to achieve it..else it ll take watever u hav in ur hands...its upto us wat we want rather then wat we cud lose...so everyone lets make a move into the new year...all the best..
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