Dogs are dirty compared to cats?

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January 2, 2007 11:37pm CST
Cats vs Dogs and Men vs Women - a man's personality in general, is much better suited to the dog, but what does it mean when a man says he likes cats? Where do dogs and cats come from? - straight from the Book of Genesis. Why dogs are better than cats - top ten reasons. Excerpts from a pet's diary - a dog's diary compared to a cat's daily diary. Dogs and cats living together - God help us. Which are the better pets? - a right-wing perspective. Feline friends vs canine buddies - the debate goes on. Cat people vs dog people - who is more annoying? Statistical differences at animal shelters - not exactly FUN, but true nonetheless. Why I disapprove of cats - from the blue-eyed infidel. I hate dogs - and their owners too! Dogs vs Men - why dogs are better than men. A vet's perspective - which are better pets? Kids growing up with cats or dogs - have reduced risk for allergies. Cartoon: Cats vs Dogs - from Laura's comics. Collection of dogs vs cats links - a huge collection of cartoons, comics, funny scenarios, and more! What's with all the "Cat ladies" - those who hoard cats to the extent it's nauseating. Are there "cat men" too?
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• India
3 Jan 07
this is a never ending discussion i guess .... also it depends on one's point of view as to who feel what. My point of view is both are dirty as i dislike both