176 For bird owners only

United States
January 2, 2007 11:43pm CST
Please tell me what kind of bird you have. What is the sweetest and smartest thing it does? I will only be rating each reply. Thank you.
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@GardenGerty (100344)
• United States
7 Mar 07
I am not currently a bird owner, but we had parakeets, or budgies as some call them when I was small. We had one that would push a teeny tiny doll buggy across the top of the dresser, when I was about four. When I was older, our neighbors from Holland gave us their parakeet, as he embarrassed the mom. Her four big boys had taught him to swear in Dutch!!!LOL He was safe for us, cause we didn't speak a word of it.
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@misskatonic (3727)
• United States
7 Mar 07
I currently have a cockatiel, five years old, who was a gift from a dear friend of mine who bred them. I held him when he was only a few days old, and he's my baby. I raised him up by hand. His name is Phoenix and he can 'sing' with me. I whistle a tune and he mimics, and if I repeat it enough he'll sing along with me. He also says 'let me out' in the mornings.
@14missy (3185)
• Australia
7 Mar 07
At the moment we only have a budgie. His/her name is Reggie. We aren't quite sure if it is a girl or boy at the moment because the cere keeps changing from brown to blue! Anyway Reggie often sits on our shoulders when we let her out. She has taken to kissing the baby bunny we have when she goes near her cage. Very affectionate to us also.