Parents, What can we do for them?

@gatsby (24)
January 3, 2007 12:36am CST
When our parents grow old what can we do keep them happy and healthy. please share your knowledge and views with all of us, so that we can better take care of our parents
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• India
3 Jan 07
Parents are the one`s who have given birth to us in this beautiful world...i think whatever we do we cant meet them in any repect of what they have done for us.... still some of the things we can do for them... 1.Try to keep them happy in every respect. 2.In their old age we must live with them to have their support as well as supporting them in every respect. for them. 4.give respect to them and their feelings. 5.Do what they want us to do irrespective of what we wanna do until and unless it is very impossible for you. i think they just need love and satisfaction of us being with them.they need our company in their old ages.Giving love to them is worth 1000 wishes from God.