Female dog care while whelping

January 3, 2007 2:27am CST
Female dogs often will let you know that they are whelping. Within 24 hours they will start nesting, they will try to eat and vomit or maybe won't even bother trying to eat. Some dogs get moody and upset by alot of attention especially if it is her first litter. Believe me when I was in labour I hated having people around me and spent alot of time telling people off when they tried to touch me. Most dogs will whelp easily by themselves. It should be away from a busy area and warm. If the dog looks like she is pushing a pup should present within the hour, any longer then this and you need to get her to the vet. Her back will hunch and she will tuck up. Sometimes she may lay on the ground and push as she looks towards her rear. Make sure you have on hand, towels, string and scissors. Sometimes a pup that is born without movement can be stimulated by vigourously rubbing it while upside down. Don't give up too quickly they can be pretty tricky. The string is for the cord sometimes the mum won't bite it off especially if she is tired and sometimes she can bite it too close to the pup causing more bleeding. In either case you can tie it off and cut the cord or tie it just below where the cord is bleeding (yes even if it is right on the belly skin) you must tie it tightly to stop this bleeding otherwise the pup will die. First time mothers especia;;y after the pups are born need to be watched although they can get snappy it is purely a defence mechanism to protect their vulnerable pups. Only one person should deal with her in the first week or so although letting the otehrs look should be ok as long as they don't approach. Once she is not so stressed n the second week you should be able to introduce others ONE at a time so she doesn't feel threatened until she relaxes totally in about the third or fourth week. Pups should also be offered very wet solids at about 3 weeks it is amazing how fast they will lap it up some faster then others. So don't stress the mum let her have some peace and all well be fine.
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