Ivanka M. Trumph: VP, Development and Acquisitions

@weee_ann (1454)
January 3, 2007 2:27am CST
Ivanka M. Trumph joined The Trumph Organization in 2005 as a member of the development team. Ms. Trumph actively participates in all aspects of real estate development from deal evaluation, marketing, operations, sales and leasing. She has expanded the Trumph Organization's interests internationally, bringing the highly acclaimed Trumph International Hotel & Tower brand to the global market. Current projecys include the Trumph Internation Hotel & Tower on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, which will be the flagship building of the island, and the Trumph Ocean Club in Panama City, Panama, as well as other locations throughout Europe, South America and Asia. Ms. Trumph has also worked extensively on the new Trumph Internation Hotel & Towers going up in Chicago and Las Vegas. Prior to joining The Trumph Organization, she was a project manager in the retail development division of Forest City Ratner Companies. Ms. Trumph received her Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating Magna *** Laude.
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• United States
4 Jan 07
Did she have to interview for the job and did she beat out brother Don Jr. for the position?
@weee_ann (1454)
• Philippines
5 Jan 07
hmmm.. I guess D. Jr. has his own position in the Trumph Organization. Whatever. To top everything, they are still rich kids! After all they are Donald Trumph's children. Ivanka will be part of the show. She will interview and observe all the contestants performance.
• Australia
12 Feb 08
Gday Ivanka, After reading your profile I think that it is great what you are doing following your passion for real estate and it is a very organic path for you. I am not an educated person academically, I have alway's had a passion for the entertainment industry .. went from bodybuilding pursuits to acting studies to eventually finding my calling as a talent agent, and live entertainment producer. about 18 months ago i created two sole trading companies from nothing, its tough although i enjoy it. Enjoying my life as a budding producer and talent agent for other actors I have also been approached to represent ppl in the music industry in Australia, but America is the place to be. I have an entrepreneurial streak in me with a gymwear line in my head( think similar to World Gym Brand. a desire to be a movie producer with the action genre in mind. Also I have not only actors that i manage, but also emerging comedians, that i would like to produce a DVD for. I guess that your father would be a role model for you, as Arnold Schwarzeneggar was someone that I aspired to be like. Well Hopefully the next few years will be a reversal of fortune for me as at 34 this year it has taken a while to find my place in life. Anyway, look after yourself, you are obviously busy but thought that your profile inspired me.. to continue to pursue my own path. I am kinda like that bloke in the pursuit of Happiness film, took a while but he is now worth over 200 million dollars. Darrell