The Bloody Wife Snatches the Daughter from her Dad

January 3, 2007 2:40am CST
Hi Folks! Listen to this story carefully. A friend of mine recently was so shock and deeply depressed that his wife and three yrs old daughter never returned home. He was so shock that he could not spell the words out about it. After my deepest investigation possible, I found out that the cause of this problem dates back to 2003 when he first left the country and landed in America. They had dreams together of living in some foreign land with children. And god has granted their wish. But the cause is that, he never cared her, never loved her deeply. When he landed in America, he found a partner. Probably his wife has knew about his affair. My friend has previous relationships and he told me that my wife has somehow found about it through her acquiantances. He also told me that his wife didn't much bothered about it. Perhaps it's because he had helped her with immigration and all. Now the story has so strong that his wife got the guts to tell him that she demands separation. But the only weakness of my friend is that, he loved his daughter. He wants his daughter to have proper parent: him and his wife. Not step dad or step mom. But he lately realized that she is not meant for him and she thinks the same. Probably the power of dollars has overtaken them and blinded them that now they don't know what people in hometown will gossip around. What are your suggestions for my friend? Should he give divorce to his wife? But he wants his daughter back. Can he fight the case in the court to win his daughter so that he could live with his daughter? ANy suggestions?
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