Why do u want money?

January 3, 2007 3:00am CST
To help family, To have fun, Peer Pressure, independence from parents, save for future
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• United States
21 Jan 07
To get the things I want on my own. To get new instruments and gear to make music. To donate more to charities. To get a car, go to concerts, go on road trips... Money is nice.
@feralcat (426)
• Canada
8 Jan 07
To save for the future, to live a life not with all the money in the world but be comfortable and one of my mot important reasons for working and trying to earn more is to be able to turn this place into an even better shelter for cats.
• United States
3 Jan 07
I want money for several reasons. First of all for my family, I have a mrs. mee and three daughters. Second, I have bills since I am a homeowner. Third, for charity. If I make enough to support my family I donate to a few charities. Lastly, for MY everyday needs. Have a great day!!