January 3, 2007 5:13am CST
have u watch this movie?? this one of mel gibson masterpiece, this about indian tribes, during the ages of maya, really shocking, bloody scene, heart pumping, but came in gracefully, every strong picture, even the dialogue used the maya language, (Yukatan Language). It's not like typical indian movies, the story is older than indian american against the cowboy.. Just watch this movie!!
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• United States
30 May 12
I have seen this movie and yes it is very good. It is one of those life-changing movies that alters one's perspective on life and diversity as a whole when it comes to history and what those that were here before us may have possibly endured. We think we have it bad now when it comes to politics and things of the sort, but people living during those times had even less regulation than that which left huge windows open for violence, brutality, hatred, racism, discrimination and even attempted genocide. That society had been watched for years before invasion occurred. That's why they knew no one in that village would attack or hunt when the sun was highest in the sky due to the beliefs that the gods were angry with them. It's very sad how the story transpired, but quite lifting for those who feel that they are at their lowest points. It's always definitely someone out there who has it worse! This movie will go down as a classic, indeed!
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• India
29 May 12
Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson is a movie about Mayan kingdom faceing its decline. This is a great film to watch, I loved it, there is violence which is hard to watch but it's a well made film to watch ...