do u eat excess rice???

January 3, 2007 5:15am CST
some people have a habbit of eating rice more than chapatis or bread. this is some wht harmful to the health of tht particular indivisual. specially the people who consume rice in the dinner and then suddenly go to bed, their health r in greater degree of danger. rice consists of sugar, and it increases ur sugar level by a gud percentage. to avoid such things one should consume more bread or chappatis instead of rice. i think this wud help u guys to keep ur health uptodate n save ur selves 4m the dradful disease known as diabatese upto an extent. pls do follow this to help urselves. cheers
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• Pakistan
3 Jan 07
i do not like rice, i never eat them
3 Jan 07
So rice is more unhealthy then bread? Doesn't it depend what kind of rice you eat? I use basmati which i'm fairly sure is low in suger.