Love and Passion

United States
January 3, 2007 7:51am CST
i love to write poetry, i have been doing it for many years... i like to know what people feel and think when they read my poems... so please stop in read and let me know your thoughts! how did/does the poem affect you or make you feel? how well do you think the poem is written? Please be honest at all times. thanks and have a great day! 'What is Passion' To look into your eyes, And see all that you hold inside. A kiss that causes you to embrace, Touch that causes a chill, Touch that sparks a thrill, The pleasure of a kiss, That lasts hours. To feel that shake deep inisde, That makes you know this is true. When the sound of your voice sends chills, When all you want to do is hold one another, Just to feel the love you know is there. When nothing else matters but the time you share! pjb inclusion submittion 2006 best poets
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